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Posted on Apr 24, 2015 In News from Jane
ALTIPLANO (2015) photo by Sareen Hairabedian


Deborah Jowitt said:

“The atmosphere is heightened by Joe Levasseur’s splendid lighting, and Lianne Arnold’s ditto video designs. Brandon Wolcott’s sensitive music and sound design begins with hollow sonorities and metallic percussion.” 

“Darrin Wright dances alone—a marvel of sinuous twists and turns around himself as if he were seeking equilibrium in a cockeyed world.”                        

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Thinking Dance said:

“You Are Here centers itself around the way we look at people, particularly strangers. She highlights humanity on a collective scale, showing individuals living in close quarters in urban spaces, navigating shared terrain.”

“How strange, funny, creative, and beautiful we humans are.”

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Deborah Jowitt said:

“Jane Comfort is a master teller of tales—not straight linear narratives, but dances that bristle with content—often social and/or political, often involving spoken text. She has always ingeniously layered and juxtaposed elements and viewpoints that might strike anyone else as incompatible and made them ignite one another.”

“Comfort…(who has made) this fascinating piece (a collaboration with composer Brandon Wolcott, lighting designer Joe Levasseur, costume designer Liz Prince, and seven marvelous performers) has tried, I think, to do something very difficult. Altiplano hovers and teases at the edges of abstraction, “meaning” shifting among the obvious, the enigmatic, and the hidden. Sometimes that interplay is disorienting, but mostly it draws you into a world that is both unfamiliar yet close to home.”

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Robert Johnson said:

“Altiplano” is still a formal composition, beautifully arranged. The casualness of moments when dancers drop like ripe fruit, slapping the floor, contrasts with sections when they move in counterpoint with their energy contained and their limbs neatly folded.”

“Comfort has arranged a spectacular finale, with the dancers standing in a line across the far end of the space and watching us (silently calling to us?) through a curtain of rain.”

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