S/HE Tabloid Story
Jane Comfort shares the story of Barcelona tabloid photos of her as ‘Jack Daniels’, Comfort’s drag king character from the company’s piece S/He. (4:18) 

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Four Screaming Women Audio
Full length performance excerpt from Jane Comfort’s seminal work exploring language and rhythm.(6:46)

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Deportment & the Smut Letter Saga
Jane Comfort shares about the creation of Deportment and explains how “Why was I submitted to this smut?” ended up on the company T-Shirts. Recorded in Tribeca 2009. (5:36)

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The Long Distance Duet
Jessica Anthony & Peter Sciscioli sing “the long distance duet” by Joan La Barbara. An excerpt from the St. Mark’s Church premiere of Fleeting Thoughts: Mr Henderson’s 3AM (4:37)

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