Deportment (1991)

Deportment is a searing satire of racial and sexual hatred, hypocrisy, and good manners in America. In Part I Alice is carefully taught all the socially correct forms of racism, homophobia, and sexism necessary to become a Southern Lady. In Part II she leaves the South and moves to New York City, where these attitudes are lived with open aggression.

Premiere: PS 122, New York City – 1991

Direction and Choreography: Jane Comfort
Text: Jane Comfort, the Company, Emily Post and Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie
Sound Design: Jacob Burckhardt
Costume Consultant: George Hudacko

Nancy Alfaro
Jane Comfort
Mark Dendy
Stephen Petty
Andre Shoals


"Comfort constructed an evening of wit, anger, and violence pressed into focus by a script with dialogue that had her audience in its grasp...The ending leaves you numb with the realization that what Comfort sets before you is the plain Gawdawful truth."


"The acting/dancing performances are spectacular and right on the money."

--Village Voice