Instrumental Score: Asphalt

DJspooky_bioPaul D. Miller is a writer and conceptual artist better known to the world as DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid. His records include Riddim WarfareSongs of a Dead DreamerThe Viral SonataSynthetic Furyand Necropolis. A founder of the “Illbient” scene, Miller has performed extensively throughout the US, Europe and Australia. Miller’s highly eclectic taste has led him to create remixes of recordings by artists ranging from Steve Reich to Metallica. He is also the composer of the soundtrack from the award-winning film SLAM. In 1997 Miller created a sound installation, Zona Rosa, for the Whitney Biennial, and in 1998 he had installations at the Kunsthalle in Vienna and the Museum Ludwig in Koln. He has appeared at film festivals and spoken on numerous panels and at universities. Miller received a BA in philosophy and French Literature from Bowdoin College, ME