Photo Artifacts

1980s-Arthur Elgort DTW-1

Photo by Arthur Elgort for a concert in the early 80's at Dance Theater Workshop

Jane's First Press Release

"My first press release. I don't know who edited it...maybe The Soho Weekly News" - Jane

Postcardo OK

Postcard for DTW concert.
"I took this from a Mexican bark book of good and bad spirits--this spirit is good because it doesn't wear shoes as the conquistadors did." - Jane Comfort

The Tuesday Project postcard - back

Back of card.
"I began exploring polyrhythms in this work, both in language and dance." -Jane

Jane & David Lusby

Jane and David Lusby, for whom she danced in the 70's.

Art on the Beach set

'Urban Renewal' set from 1984 Creative Time Art on the Beach.
"We got some engineers to survey the site during the performance then kick the audience out because they needed the space."

Ann Papoulis and Donald Mouton in Urban Renewal

Ann Papoulis and Donald Mouton

Jane and Donald Mouton

Jane and Donald Mouton


Poster of Jane Comfort's first concert.
The phone number is still the DTW box office number, but ticket prices have changed...

Artificial Horizons Postcard - back

Artificial Horizons Postcard - back

Solos and Duets for Hands and Feet Postcard

Front of the card for Jane Comfort's second concert, at Kiva on Canal St.

Hands Solo

Publicity shots for a piece featuring sign language as a movement source


Jane Comfort (three months pregnant) and Danny McCusker.
Photo by Nathaniel Tileston

Postcard Danspace / St Marks

Postcard for third concert, 1981

Incorrect Translations

Chris Burnside and Jane Comfort in the concert

Incorrect Translations Hands

David Thomson and Jane Comfort rehearsing a gesture piece for Artificial Horizon
Photo By Grace Sutton

Incorrect Translations (1982)

Original 'Four Screaming Women' cast 1982: Jane, Ann Papoulis, Mary Forlenza and Karen Callaghan.
"This text and gesture piece is impossibly difficult. The first time we ever performed it without a mistake was opening night." - Jane
Photo by PaulaCourt

Incorrect Translations

'Artificial Horizon' polyrhythmic dance
Facing forward: Jane, David Thomson and Donald Mouton
Photo by Grace Sutton

Artificial Horizons Postcard Front

Postcard for 'Artificial Horizon'


"I don't remember too much about this concert, except that John Bernd and I had begun working together after improvising at Open Movement at PS. We did a piece that involved banging knives and forks together, which scratched and dented the ones we rehearsed with--my own. I still use them today, and I think of John every time I serve dinner." - Jane


#1 of a series of posters for our concerts

Posters 2

#2 of a series of posters for our concerts

Posters 3

#3 of a series of posters for our concerts

Posters 4

#4 of a series of posters for our concerts

Posters 5

#5 of a series of posters for our concerts