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Jane Comfort and Company in Massachusetts

Lee: Performance and teaching residencies, Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival 1980′s, 1997, 1999, 2001, 2011
Commissioned by JPDF for Underground River 1997
Developmental residency at JPDF for Asphalt 2001
Williamstown: Performance, Williams College

Dinner break

Jacob's Pillow 2011: Sean Donovan, Brandon Wolcott, and Ellie Harrison take a dinner break.

Beauty Cast

The Beauties: Sean Donovan, Leslie Cuyjet, Lucie Baker, Ellie Harrison, and Petra van Noort

Group Dreamaway

The Hilton absolutely.

The Women

The Women

JC steam closet

Jane tries out the 1930's steam closet at The Dream Away. She experienced another one, with light bulbs from the 30's still working, at The Sun Valley Lodge in Idaho, back in the 70's while dancing with Jamie Cunningham's company.

Traffic sign

Only Jacob's Pillow



The Men

The men.

EH and PE

Ellie Harrison and hubby Paul Evans reflected at Goose Pond.

Lucie Jump

Lucie Baker jump 2

Company class

A theater improv. section in our company master class

Dreamaway Bathroom

Lisa Niedermeyer, Jane, and Leslie Cuyjet gather in the bathroom at our favorite after hours spot, The Dream Away Lodge, to admire photographer Lincoln Russell's work:

Three muses

Three Muses

Post show party

The Pub.


The fabulous Natalie team combs out the Barbie hair.


At the Pub post show.


Our composer Brandon Wolcott hits a wall after 12 hours of tech.

Barbie boobs

The fakola Barbie boobs.


Another huge reason we love being at Jacob's Pillow--our board member Nancy Fitzpatrick gives the company her cabin on Goose Pond for the duration.


Anne Davison, our intrepid dramaturg.

Derby House door

Derby House doorway in the morning, or why we love Jacob's Pillow!


Leslie Cuyjet finds her "ethnic" home.

Head shots

Top to bottom: Sean, Lucie Baker, Petra van Noort, and Ellie pose in Derby House's stairwell windows.


High end all the way.


Cynthia welcomes the day outside Jacob Pillow's Derby House 1994


Underground River commission Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival 1997


Poolside in Stockbridge during our 1993 residency: David Neumann, Mark Dendy, Jane, Nancy Alfaro, Lili and Pete


Mark and Nancy on the lake in 1993