Video Projection Images: An American Rendition

SteveMillerBio_Glock Steve Miller has been working with art, science and technology since 1980. He has exhibited worldwide including White Columns, Artists Space, Public Art Fund-Times Square Electronic Bill Board, CAPC Musée Bordeaux, the Musée de la Mode, Paris. Miller is represented by galleries in Paris, Munich, Basel, Bern, Buffalo and New York. Since 1992 Miller has been working with molecular biology creating portraits and Vanitas still-lifes using the imaging techniques of medical science. In 1993 he painted the genetic portrait of Isabel Goldsmith, silk-screening her chromosomes on canvas. Miller’s 2001 show in New York entitled Neolithic Quark investigated particle physics in collaboration with Brookhaven National Labs using their Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider. Starting in 2002 Miller investigated proteomics and bioinformatics working with Nobel Laureate Rod MacKinnon at Rockefeller University. That work was shown in a solo show at the Rose Art Museum at Brandeis University in 2007. Currently, Miller is taking x-rays of the Amazon and using satellite images of Amazon land use working with the Woods Hole Research Center. This work can be seen at

Photo: Steve Miller/Courtesy of Laumont Editions